“Jerde and Mena, personable, entertaining and amazing!”


— LeAnne Emery

“As a skeptic of magic shows I am the last person you'd expect to see at a "Jerde and Mena" show. I went to the show, though, and would go again anytime. The showmanship was incredible and they put on a great family appropriate show full of amazing tricks without relying on smoke and lights. I still don't know how they do it all!”


— David Mecham.

"We loved the show. It is so well done and also makes you feel like you are with a bunch of friends. The performers were obviously professionals and were amazing. I love how the magicians interact with everyone and make you feel like you are part of the fun. I would recommend this to anyone of any age."


— Brenda Baumgartner – TV Anchor/Author.

“John- The way John communicates with his audience is a sign of a true professional. He makes you feel like there is something special happening and that special connection makes the magic happen. Jorge- Cool, calm and collected. Jorge is a master in audience management. His very entertaining and personable style is unforgettable.”

— JJ The Magician - Professional Magician.

"John and Jorge are perfect compliments to each other, and together they have mastered the "one, two, punch" Jorge draws you in with the subtle, hypnotic, yet exciting delivery. Then John blows you away with his strong mental effects and powerful delivery. Their duo is an exciting presentation for all audiences. I can't recommend them enough! You have to see it for yourself."

— Gideon Coesense - Magician/Actor


“I first saw John and Jorge at my daughter's birthday party.. We were so impressed that we invited them to perform for our company. My employees spent three days talking about their show!  I’ve seen them live around Idaho and Utah in various settings. They are funny, clever, great showmen and their right in your face magic exceeds all expectations!”


— Ruben Corona – Royal Crown Construction.


“Having been a TV producer for over 30 years, I’ve seen many magic acts and was never truly impressed, that is until I saw Jerde and Mena. Holy smokes!!! Together they are a force of nature that will blow your mind. The most amazing thing is that I’ve seen them perform multiple times in different cities, including in other languages, and their show has been better every time and their repertoire must be huge, because I’ve never seen them do the same thing twice. Amazing!”


— J.D. Bustamante.


“I believe in magic. These guys convinced me that magic is real. What else can I say? I’ve seen them perform together and I’ve seen Mena over the years in the Washington, D.C. area, Miami, Florida and in Utah. By himself, Mena is awesome, together with John Jerde they will make you believe in magic. Can’t believe they’re not headlining in Las Vegas!!!”


— James Wakerfield

I saw Mena do an impromptu show at the Caribe Hilton where he was staying while in town to work here in Puerto Rico. Let me tell you, he blew my mind and shocked everyone there. He did card magic, mentalism and close up magic in the hotel lobby and bar and gave us the unexpected and the unexplainable in the best magic show I’ve ever seen.


— Izzy Santiago.


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